South Texas Health System McAllen Donates $55,000 to South Texas College's STC Foundation

Wednesday, September 20, 2023
The STHS McAllen and South Texas College teams holding the large check

As the Rio Grande Valley’s population continues to grow, so does the need for registered nurses and allied health professionals who are essential to help care for the community in their time of need. To support the overall growth of the healthcare workforce through education and training, South Texas Health System McAllen recently made a large donation to South Texas College’s STC Foundation.

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, STHS McAllen presented South Texas College and STC Foundation leaders with a $55,000 donation that will aid in the development of much-needed healthcare programs. It will also help fund scholarships to help with the college’s ongoing education of quality, highly skilled nurses to serve the ever-expanding Valley community.

“This is a very significant and welcome donation by South Texas Health System,” said Ricardo Solis, PhD, president of South Texas College. “We’re going to put it to work toward our health programs, but especially toward the development of new programs that are desperately needed and complement our successful nursing program, including surgical technology.”

Solis specifically noted the lack of surgical technologist programs in Hidalgo County and how STHS McAllen’s donation will enable the college’s development of such programs, further broadening the scope of healthcare services that benefit the people of the Rio Grande Valley. “The establishment of a surgical technologist program is something that’s been repeatedly suggested by the hospitals in the area, including South Texas Health System,” Solis said. “We are thrilled about this donation and it shows the importance that the college has been able to demonstrate to the hospitals in the area. In this case, South Texas Health System clearly values the overall role we have played in being able to respond to the need for high quality students to become a part of the nursing and allied health professions and bring their education and clinical training to the patients at hospitals like STHS McAllen.”

The donation is also a reflection of the continued partnership between STHS and STC that has developed over the years to continue to help provide quality, compassionate care to the patients in our community. STHS will rely on STC to determine how best to utilize the funds, according to Andrew Wilson, interim CEO of STHS McAllen. “Any way that we can continue to develop and expand our workforce as our population continues to grow is a positive development,” Wilson said. “And as our population continues to age, much like the rest of the country, the need for healthcare providers grows ever more pressing. South Texas College has proven to be a strong partner in developing these programs and in developing high quality graduates.”