Highly Skilled Critical Care

The intensive critical care unit (ICCU) at South Texas Health System (STHS) McAllen is a closed unit that provides highly skilled critical care for patients requiring a greater level of monitoring. Our sensitive, highly trained medical team of critical care interventionists are available 24 hours a day to ensure that each patient receives the care necessary to assist in the recovery process. Our advanced equipment in the ICCU is among the best available for patient care. These sophisticated systems work around the clock to provide comfort and, if applicable, life support for patients.

Family and Friends of Patients

The high-tech environment of the ICCU is complemented with the special compassion needed from patients and families in times of crisis. Offering your support to a critically ill patient can be vital to the patient's recovery. It is important that monitors and equipment remain untouched, except by the critical care specialists. These staff members are experienced, and their main concern is that the recovery process be as comfortable as possible for each patient. If you have any questions about any equipment, please ask an ICCU nurse.

Please remember that food, gifts and flowers are not allowed in the ICCU. For more information about hospital rules, visit the Patient Information and Visitor Information pages.

Communication with Staff

Often, family and friends of a critically ill patient place daily phone calls for updates on their loved one's condition. The ICCU staff will offer general condition reports to these callers. We suggest that you appoint a family spokesperson to receive and relay information.

STHS McAllen knows that communication is vital during this stressful time. We will be happy to have the spokesperson's calls forwarded to the critical care waiting area when requested. For the convenience of all guests, please try to keep these conversations as brief as possible, and limited to matters pertaining to the medical/familial situation. Occasionally, patients may need emergency treatment. If you are visiting in the unit during such a time, please respect the specialists if they ask you to leave. This will ensure that all patients receive immediate care without unnecessary delays.

Contact STHS McAllen at 956-632-4000 to be connected to the Intensive Critical Care Unit.