Medical Record Requests

The Health Information Management department maintains records of the care patients receive while they are at South Texas Health System McAllen. As required by state and federal law, these records are kept in strict confidence and are only released with proper authorization. We allow multiple ways for patients to obtain medical records and radiology studies.

Patient Portal – Health Records Online

For the quickest access, retrieve your records directly through our patient portal, Health Records Online, which enables you to access your records on-demand at your convenience.

Access Health Records Online

Online Request

Submit your request through our online medical correspondence system.

Paper Request

The information contained in the patient's medical record is confidential. All requests for release of medical records information must be accompanied by an authorization form signed by the patient and a photo ID. If a patient has a representative, the representative would need to provide a copy of the Medical Power of Attorney. If the patient is deceased, the signature of next of kin is needed along with a copy of the death certificate. Death certificates are not maintained by the hospital (see death certificates information). If for any reason the authorization is not HIPAA compliant, the Release of Information Office will contact the patient or representative for further information at the phone number documented on the authorization.

If you prefer, you may download and complete a printed version of the Authorization Form. Please mail the form to:

South Texas Health System McAllen
Attn: Medical Records Department
301 W. Expressway 83
McAllen, Texas 78503

Download the Authorization Form (PDF)

You may request your medical records for any South Texas Health System facility at any location. The completed form may also be faxed to 956-289-2964. Contact the Release of Information Office at 956-632-4061.   

Electronic Delivery of Records for Patients Only

To receive your medical record information via the Internet, be sure to indicate on the authorization form that you want the medical record information sent to you electronically and provide an email address.


Processing and copy fees are charged on a case-by-case basis. Costs may vary depending on the type of request.

  • Copy Costs: No prepayment is needed to determine a page count, but once the count is processed the patient will receive an invoice from MRO for the amount of $6.50.
  • Records to Other Healthcare Providers: Patient records will be forwarded directly to any healthcare provider at no charge.
  • Disability: Only disability determination agencies are authorized to request and receive patient medical records. Fees are regulated by the state of residency of that agency. Such fees are only applicable when the request is received directly from a state or federal agency.
  • Attorney Fees: Will be charged in accordance with state regulations.

There are no fees associated with the patient portal, Health Records Online.

Medical Records Policy

Has it been more than 10 years?

South Texas Health System hospitals retain hospital based medical records in accordance with the state's regulations. All records are maintained for not less than 10 years following the date of discharge, after which they are destroyed. This applies to both inpatient and outpatient cases that are hospital-based services.

If the patient was a minor at the time of last visit, records are maintained for a minimum of 10 years or until the person is 22 years of age. For babies born at South Texas Health System facilities, the record will be kept for 21 years before they are purged.   

Billing and Technical Support

For any MRO billing and technical support questions on medical records sent to you, please call 610-994-7500.