Rebuilding Your Life After Trauma

South Texas Health System McAllen has partnered with the American Trauma Society (ATS) to make the Trauma Survivors Network (TSN) program available to our patients. We are the first hospital in the region to offer this public service for trauma survivors and caregivers.

The mission of the TSN is to help trauma survivors and their families rebuild their lives after experiencing a traumatic injury. It connects survivors and their families with programs that support their recovery process. The program also connects survivors with others who have sustained similar injuries.

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The Trauma Survivors Network Support Group can help you gain the confidence and support necessary to move forward with recovery.

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Join the Trauma Survivors Network

We encourage you to explore the TSN website to learn more about the programs, services, and resources available to you. Please join the TSN if you think it can help you, or if you can help support and inspire others who have had a similar experience.

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How the Trauma Survivors Network Works

The program coordinator at South Texas Health System McAllen helps connect current trauma patients and families with peer-to-peer support from other survivors who are trained as TSN Peer Visitors. The coordinator can also facilitate both inpatient and outpatient support to help survivors and families in the healing process. ATS has a national coordinator who helps hospitals start and maintain the program.

The TSN website and TSN social media platforms can help survivors and families connect with other survivors, share their own stories, and enroll in the online NextSteps psychoeducational group. These programs can help them rebuild their lives after experiencing a physical trauma.

Benefits of the Trauma Survivors Network

  • Survivors can access online support from other trauma survivors and families and post their own stories through the TSN website and social media platforms.
  • The Patient/Family Handbook has vital information about the hospital, local resources, and trauma recovery.
  • Peer mentors who have experienced similar injuries can offer encouragement.
  • TSN Support Groups can help survivors adjust to the new normal of recovery.
  • Family classes can help support family members as they navigate a new caregiving role.
  • The Next Steps Program can help you rebuild your life, regain confidence, and maintain healthy relationships after trauma.