Treatment of Gastroenterological Organs

The Gastroenterology Department at South Texas Health System McAllen offers diagnosis and treatment of all gastroenterological organs, which include the esophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, gall bladder, liver and pancreas.

Endoscopy Center

Our endoscopy unit has the ability to diagnose and treat disorders of the entire intestinal tract using advanced equipment.

Esophageal Motility Studies

Diagnostic services include esophageal motility studies, 24-hour pH monitoring of the esophagus, hydrogen breath testing, and 13 C urea breath testing for the detection of helicobacter pylori infection.

Photodynamic Therapy Center

Photodynamic Therapy is a minimally invasive procedure for the treatment and palliation of esophageal, pulmonary and bladder malignancies.

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