Care for Circulatory System Disorders

Vascular surgery is dedicated to the care of patients with circulatory system disorders. These disorders fall into two broad general disease processes known as atherosclerosis and thrombophlebitis, which affect the arterial and venous systems respectively. The vascular disease process involves multiple systems of the body. As such, the care of the vascular patient requires the combined efforts of the surgeon, radiologist and internist.

The Department of Vascular Surgery at South Texas Health System McAllen implements the most up-to-date techniques in treating the vascular patient. These diagnostic and surgical technological advances include ultrasound enhancement, angioplasty, stenting devices, endoluminal bypasses and improved imaging techniques. Our surgeons are also involved in various areas of research to solve problems that only a few years ago were deemed unsolvable.

For more information about the Vascular Surgery Department, please call 800-879-1033.